Paris Up, Up and Away - all the way to Potts Point Bookshop

Paris has come to Potts Point Bookshop and it makes for a very pretty picture indeed.

"The Eiffel Tower is bored today.
Wouldn't it be nice to fly away?
Paris is full of things to do.
The Tower would like to see them too."

Paris Up, Up and Away is a gorgeous book by Helen Druvert (published by Thames & Hudson) which features elaborate cut outs about the Eiffel Tower hitting the high spots on a tour around Paris.  It sails through the night air, glides over the Seine; a short hop away, it finds the Opera.  The Tower weaves through crowds on the streets and in department stores, falls asleep in the sun, and wakes up to the jangling bells of Notre Dame.
This delightful book is not only a stunning piece of artwork but is also a wonderfully imaginative introduction to Paris and it's monuments for young children.

"The sun comes out and the sky is clear,
The Tower lands in a park that's near.
While the children play and the birds fly free,
The Tower snoozes under a tree."

We thought as the Eiffel Tower was going on a tour around Paris, we would invite it to visit our gorgeous picture window which faces onto our lovely garden right here in Potts Point.  A little bit of Paris enchantment at the Paris end of Potts Point.

Come in and take a look for yourself.

Paris Up, Up And Away is published by Thames & Hudson 
and is in store now $27